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Vapour Release Balm

Vapour Release Balm

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Vapour Release Balm is a great product not just for when you have a bit of cold but also if you live in a polluted city or dusty environment or people with asthma etc. Refreshing Vapour Release Balm opens airways with its invigorating fragrance to aid your breathing and clear catarrh from the airways and chest. Powerful extracts of Menthol and Eucalyptus extracts clear the airways to make breathing easier and increase stamina. A special blend of Rosemary, Lemon, Peppermint and Coffee Seed Extract aids focus and alertness and enhance concentration. Fresh, uplifting, pleasant fragrance unlike traditional cold relief chest rubs often used by athletes. Great for the skin as it is enriched with naturally nourishing ingredients typically used in high-end skincare products such as Borage Seed Extract, Evening Primrose, Geranium, Clary Extract and Beeswax.Great for skiers and climbers to help to breathe at altitude as well as runners, cyclists and gym enthusiasts.

Contains the core potent trio of natural extracts, Maca Extract, Magnesium and Jasmin to increase concentration and alertness, stamina and strength

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