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Bullet & Bone

Protective Moisturising Spray

Protective Moisturising Spray

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Lightweight moisturising serum in a spray with a fresh fragrance, designed to increase focus and concentration while protecting your skin from the elements. Rapidly absorbs into the skin without leaving skin greasy or oily. No Sweat! A light spray moisturises and protects without causing overheating and excessive perspiration. Provides a protective barrier for the skin by replenishing moisture but also includes Taurine to aid skin regeneration, condition and protection plus Aloe Vera to soothe and condition. Siberian Ginseng improves resistance and provides a barrier function. Contains 11 Natural Essential Oils to protect and condition the skin by replacing the vital minerals, vitamins and nutrients lost during regular exercise and showering and stops the skin from drying out which can in excess cause eczema in some cases. Concentrated Inca Maca Extract protects the skin from UV, pollution and environmental damage. Perfect for swimmers to protect skin from the effects of chlorine.

Like all Bullet & Bone products Protective Moisturising Spray contains the core potent trio of natural extracts, Maca Extract, Magnesium and Jasmin.

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